20 - 04 - 2015

Welcome to the Website of the Parliament of Somalia

Our young democracy will thrive on the participation of those it acts for, and this website allows the greater Somali community - both in Somalia and outside, and the friendly international community access to the workings of the Somali Parliament.

I kindly invite you to browse this website. Discover information about our parliamentary work and proceedings; contact your local member of parliament, who acts as your representative; and access current legislation or the parliamentary agenda.

Parliamentary records of recent proceedings and debates of Parliament can also be accessed. In the near future we hope to provide you with audiovisual recordings, and more information about our activities including live streaming via this website and online information as well.

Your comments to improve our website will highly be appreciated

 Kani waa Baarlamaankaaga; waa codkaaga oo waa website-kaaga.

M.ne Muxammad Sh. Cusmaan Jawaari

Guddoomiyaha Golaha Shacbiga